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How to play - Video Poker

Video poker is the fastest growing game in the casino, outstripping even the ubiquitous slot machines. Video poker offers the player the thrill of knowing that his or her strategy at a given game is the determining factor in what edge the casino will have in the long run. In fact, some video poker games are so close that expert strategy can actually give the player the edge.

The problem for most players is that there are almost 200 different machines each requiring a discreet set of strategies. At first this statement might seem daunting but in reality video poker players discover which machines they enjoy playing and they tend to stick with those. Thus, you'll hear some players stating that they only play Jacks-or-Better Draw Poker, or Deuces Wild Poker, or Joker Poker. In fact, these three varieties are the most common and the most popular. Of course, within these machine families there are dozens of variations.

Like slot machines, a computer chip containing a Random Number Generator or RNG runs video poker machines. This RNG constantly selects number series that represent card values. Video poker machines are programmed to simulate a 52 or 53 card deck with a random shuffle. Once a card is "dealt" it can't be dealt again until a new game begins. Unlike slots the astute video poker player can know exactly what edge the casino has over him or her by analyzing the payout chart on the front of the machine.

All video poker games will deal out five cards to the player. The player then gets to choose whether he wants to hold or discard one or more cards. Each discarded card will receive another card in exchange. The five-card hand will then be paid off according to the posted schedule.

Author; Frank Scoblete
Content provided by Frank Scoblete, the number one best-selling casino
gaming writer in the world. His books and tapes have sold over a million
copies. His website is at RGT Online gaming. His books and
tapes are available through, or by mail. For a free catalog write
to: Paone Press, Box 610, Lynbrook, NY, USA 11563.