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UK Regulation of Gaming

Regulation of UK casinos, lotteries, bingo clubs and gaming machines is currently undertaken by the Gaming Board for Great Britain.
The Gaming Board's responsibilities in outline are:

  • to ensure that those involved in gaming and lotteries are fit and proper to do so and to keep gaming free from criminal infiltration
  • to ensure that gaming and lotteries are run fairly and in accordance with the law
  • to advise the Secretary of State on developments in gaming and lotteries so that the law can respond to change (The Gaming Board now reports to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, responsibility for gaming having been handed over from the Home Office)

In carrying out its statutory duties, the Gaming Board seeks to ensure, so far as possible, that:

  • licence and certificate holders know what is required of them
  • applicants, licence and certificate holders are treated impartially and with equal fairness
  • the Gaming Board's requirements and guidance do not impose unnecessary work or costs on the industry
  • the interests of the public are protected and through the Gaming Board's work and contacts with the industry, players understand what they are being offered when they game
  • the work of the Gaming Board is carried out professionally, promptly, fairly and courteously

The need for certificates, licences and registrations
in gaming and lotteries

If you wish to operate a casino or lottery in the UK, you need to get permission from The Gaming Board. The Gaming Board determines applications:

  • to operate a casino or bingo gaming; the Board also has powers to object to the grant or renewal of a licence
  • for certificates of approval which are required by those who wish to be employed to operate, supervise or manage casino gaming or to manage bingo gaming
  • for the grant of certificates which are needed by those who wish to sell, supply and/or maintain gaming machines
  • for the registration of societies who wish to run lotteries and local authority lottery schemes. (The Gaming Board has no responsibility for the National Lottery which is regulated by the Director General of the National Lottery.)
  • for certificates from those who wish to act as independent lottery managers

    The Gaming Board through its Inspectorate monitors the conduct of holders of certificates, registrations and licences. The Inspectorate has wide powers, including powers of entry to premises licensed under the Gaming Act, and carry warrant cards which they will show on request when entering licensed premises.

For further information, visit The Gaming Board's web site:

The Gambling Review Board, in its Report of July 2001, has recommended a single regulatory authority, the Gambling Commission, be set up.