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How to play - Keno

For those of you who enjoy playing lotteries, or local charity chance books, the casino game of Keno might hold some interest for you. It's the equivalent of a lottery but much faster!

The players' tickets are numbered one through 80. You can choose to play between one and 20 numbers on a given ticket. The numbers to be played are "X"ed out.

Types of Bets at Keno

Straight Ticket: A player can mark one, two, or more numbers on a ticket.

Split Ticket: Player can bet on two or more groups of numbers on a single ticket by circling the groups to be played.

Way Ticket: Combining several groups of numbers on the same ticket.

Combination Ticket: The player selects two or more groups of numbers and indicates how the groups are to be combined to form many tickets within one ticket.

King Ticket: One number is selected to be used with all the other groups that have been indicated.

Multi Race Ticket: This is a ticket that indicates that it will be played for two or more sessions in a row.

Author; Frank Scoblete
Content provided by Frank Scoblete, the number one best-selling casino gaming writer in the world. His books and tapes have sold over a million copies. His website is at RGT Online gaming. His books and tapes are available through our book store,, or by mail. For a free catalog write to: Paone Press, Box 610, Lynbrook, NY, USA 11563.