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Gambling FAQ's

What is internet gambling?
Internet gambling is the placing of bets on casino/sports/lottery type games over the Internet. Real online gaming is when the betting, playing and collecting of money is carried out through the Internet.

What is an internet casino?
An Internet casino is an Internet site where you can play one or more casino type games, such as roulette, for real money. Some Internet casinos will let you play for free but the real reason to play is to win real money.

There are two kinds of Internet casinos.

  • " Casinos that require software download. Although downloads can be slow, you can usually download these casinos for free and play games for fun before depositing money.
  • " Non download casinos: This type of casino will require you to have already downloaded flash. However, download time is very fast and the graphics on a flash casino can be excellent.

Where are Internet casinos located?
Most Internet casinos are generally licensed in the country they are in and have to report to the local government to some extent. Antigua,St. Kitts, Grenada, Curacao,Dominican Republican and Gibraltar are just a few countries that license them.

The reason these small countries allow Online Gambling operators to set up is because it can help boost their local economy. Companies pay anything up to $100,000 to gain a gaming license in these countries, as well as paying ongoing taxes to the local Government.

How Do I Start Playing?
We highly recommend that you look around at a number of casinos before making any decisions. Especially look at the deposit requirements, minimum bets etc. Many Internet casinos will let you visit for free and even place some bets without signing up. Each casino listed on 'Bettingtowin' has been reviewed by us for fair play compliance, downloads and quality of games offered.

Once you have chosen a casino and downloaded the software, you will be asked to register as either a Guest player or Real Player. Guest Players or Play for Fun players allow you to register without depositing money. You can then play the games for fun before playing for real. The games will be the most popular casinos games such as roulette, blackjack etc. For some examples see our Play for Fun pages. To become a Real Player you will need to complete an online form. You will end up with an account number and a password; make a note of these details- you will need them to log in again.

How do I make cash deposits and withdrawals?
In all cases you will have to deposit money up front before you can gamble for real online. This will mean sending online casinos money via wire transfers, credit cards etc.

All casinos operate on the account system - you send them money and your account is credited for that amount. As you gamble, money is credited or debited as you win or lose. When you wish to withdraw money from your casino account you can do so in nearly all of the ways that deposits could be made.

Many operations now allow you to have money withdrawn directly placed back onto the credit card that you first deposited money into your account with. This option is recommended as you can access your winnings within days.

How secure are Internet casinos and sportsbooks?
There are relatively few problems with casino payouts and deposit security, however it is important to ensure that you choose a casino that operates secure and fair play. Many of the casino jurisdictions require that the licensee posts bonds of cash or insurance as part of the license requirements.

Your personal security (including credit card details and other personal information) is also guaranteed under license agreements in many, if not all, jurisdictions. Most casinos and sportsbooks use secure servers to conduct all of their transactions, and all information about you is held offline. Many also take out insurance against fraud.

How fair are Internet casinos and sportsbooks?
All casinos listed on Bettingtowin adhere to our fair play policy. For more information click here. Online Casinos are fairer than many people realize. The "house" is happy making the normal profits of gambling. In many of the countries, the computer programs must be submitted to the government for thorough checking of fairness toward the player, and the firm also has to be guaranteed by one of the big eight international accounting firms.

In all cases with casino gambling the odds for single deck blackjack, for instance, are exactly the same with an Internet casino as with the real thing. The same is true for baccarat, roulette etc.

As for the gaming machine type games (slots, video poker etc) the player payout percentages are determined by the casino, and many will post what the percentage of payout is online.