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How to play - Chuck a Luck

This game is played with a wired birdcage that holds three dice. The birdcage resembles an hourglass. The dealer turns over the hourglass and three dice fall to the bottom cage. Whatever faces show on the three dice after they land are the winners.

If you place your wager on any of the six numbered squares known as the "Numbers Bet" you will win according to how many dice show the number you bet on.

Players bet on which face will appear. Say you bet that the dice will show a 2. If one die does, you are paid off at even money; if two dice do, you are paid off at two to one, and if all three dice show a 2, you are paid off at four to one. The casino edge is 7.87 percent.


Author; Frank Scoblete
Content provided by Frank Scoblete, the number one best-selling casino
gaming writer in the world. His books and tapes have sold over a million
copies. His website is at RGT Online gaming. His books and
tapes are available through, or by mail. For a free catalog write
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